Release Party

Hello everyone,

This year we are joining our release party with the Student-Life Gala. Please RSVP via this link:

Friday, May 2
5-6pm: Social Reception
6-8pm: Awards Ceremony
Mariner’s Church Banquet Center
368 Fore Street, Old Port, Portland

Hors d’oeuvres and beverages served.
Cash bar- ID required.
Semi-formal attire requested.

There will be 2014 issues for sale for $10 and a few 2013 issues for $8.

We hope to see you all there!



Whoops! Here are several updates.

So…we may have forgotten about the existence of our blog for a minute.

Here is what has happened since the closing of submissions:

We have three contest winners–This years Betsy Sholl Award (judged by Rachel Flynn) has been awarded to Flavian Mark Lupinetti for his poem “All in the Wrist.”

The Andre Dubus Award (judged by Allison Ammend) has been awarded to Kenzie Cook for his story “Apples and Cyanide.”

And finally, the Dos Cosas Award goes to Martin Patrick Abraham Conte for his poem “Ode to John Cheever’s ‘The Enormous Radio'”

Congratulations to the three of them!

We also have some release party details: This year we are happy to announce the coming together of two end-of-the-year USM events–we will be joining our release party with the Leadership Development Board’s end of the year Gala. It will take place Friday, May 2nd at the Mariners Church Banquet Center starting at 5pm. We will have readings by contest winners and possibly others, as well as copies of this years’ issue for sale! We will keep you all updated as the date approaches.

The journal is in its final stages– the final copy should be here by April 23rd!

We also want to begin looking for some editors to join us for next year. If you have work-study, it’s a great opportunity to get paid to do something very exciting and rewarding– if you don’t however, it’s a great opportunity to volunteer to do something very exciting and rewarding! So please contact me ( if you are interested in joining us for next year. It doesn’t really matter what your major is (in fact, nobody on board this year was an English major, I myself am PoliSci), but we are encouraging artists/art majors to get on board.

We are also looking for one candidate in particular who is of a sophomore standing (or two years left if you are like me and don’t really have a title) and who would be interested in taking over my position for 2016.

More to come soon!



Betsy Sholl Award in Poetry

Hello everyone,

We are finally able to announce the last contest for this year– the Betsy Sholl Award in Poetry will be judged by poet Rachel Flynn! Check out the Betsy Sholl Award page above for all the details.


The Andre Dubus Award in Short Fiction

Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce that the Andre Dubus Award in Short Fiction will be judged by Allison Amend! Check the award page for details about the contest. Good luck to all!


Attention USM Students!

The 2014 Dos Cosas Award is officially open. Click the link above (The 2014 Dos Cosas Award) to find out how you can win $500 and the chance to read at our release in May. 

It has begun!


Hello everybody!

It is that time now for us to start receiving submissions so please, send away! The only guideline is that prose should be kept to 5,000 words or less (of course if your story is a little bit longer maybe an exception can be made). We will be announcing contests within the next two weeks, so stay tuned USM students for those. I look forward to reading everybody’s work.

Please send your prose to:
Poetry to:
Visual art to:



Words and Images Flier

Hello Everyone!

My name is Robert Parry and I will be the new director here at Words and Images for 2013-2014. It is still very early in regards to announcing anything (I expect to have more details come July/August), but if anyone has any questions about anything feel free to e-mail me at

Have a great summer!

Robert Parry




no mo secrets

And now for our final winners!

We are thrilled to announce that the winner of the Andre Dubus Award in Short Fiction goes to…….

Philip Shelley for his wonderful story, “Willett”

and the Betsy Sholl Award in Poetry goes to………

Martin Steingesser for his lovely poem, “Between Stars”


Both of these talented writer’s will receive $300 dollars each, publication in our 2013 issue, and an opportunity to read at our journal release party!


We are working diligently to make sure all of you, all 5 of you who read this blog, will enjoy and love and cradle this issue as if it was your own baby. Unfortunately, with all our contest winners announced, we have no more exciting news for you until the journal is printed. However, please contact us if you want to get involved next year or have any questions about this years issue! 



Words and Images

(W)holeness Award!

Okay, last post of the day.

We have selected our (W)holeness winner for our 2013 issue! This writer will receive 500 smackeroonies, publication, and will read at our journal release party in the spring!

And the winner is……

Peter Swegart!

His poem, “Comprehension” is our 2013 (W)holeness award recipient! Not only does his poem exhibit (W)holeness, it is also a well-crafted poetic gem that sparkles and shines.

We would also like to mention (and this is serious) that we received so many wonderful entries and I encourage everyone to continue to submit to Words and Images and the contests in the future, because it was a difficult decision, and if this was American Idol: Writer’s World, I would send all of you to Hollywood!

Thank you so much for submitting! Please check back soon for the Andre Dubus Award and Betsy Sholl Award winners!