Words and Images 2009

May 7. Mark it on your calendars. Mark it on your calves. The new issue of Words and Images will be in bookstores, including Longfellow Books and the USM Portland Bookstore.

Words and Images 2009 features the work of writers from Maine and elsewhere. Read new poetry by Adrian Blevins, Melissa Crowe, Gibson Fay-LeBlanc, and Mark Melnicove. Read new fiction by Elizabeth Searle. See original artwork by Ben Bishop, Katie Diamond, and Benjamin McDorr. See unpublished photographs by Bern Porter. See your wallet shrink by a mere $10 – but feel your brain explode times INFINITY (note: Words and Images will not actually blow up your brain…yet).

Also, read the poem that won our first annual Dos Cosas Award. The winning piece is “Inexhaustible Rooms,” by Allan Peterson.

In fact, come see and hear some of this work get read at our release party, on May 7, at One Longfellow Square, 181 State Street, Portland, ME. This event is free, all ages, and open to the public. So bring your children. Bring your grandmother. But they might have to cover their ears, because we’re offering up, for the kids, three loud, young Portland bands: Marie Stella, Huak, and the Scrapes.

If you don’t read Words and Images, you’ll hurt our feelings. The editors are not robots. No sir. The editors are human beings who think that this is some great work we have the honor of publishing. We hope that you will think likewise.


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