Between the Covers, Part II

Another Sun Rising
Cover artwork by Dietlind Vander Schaaf

Featured Artwork:

Tyson Jagques

-Mountain Time I (Rocks)
-Mountain Time II (Rain Cloud)
Kate Cheney Chappell

-Tethered, Beric Henderson

-Soul Rising
Ruth Sylmor

-Roller Coaster at Old Orchard Beach, Jennifer Doane Hall

-Rebirth of the Spirit, Judy O’Donnell

-To The Discord of Many Hearts
-Died for Want Of Lobster Sauce
Justin Richel

-Reposition, Metamorphosis
-Milkweed, Ascend
Rebecca FitzPatrick

-Aftermath, Lisa Dombek

-Family Tree Apron
-Love Letter Sweater
Crystal Cawley

-High Tide of Beauty (Excerpt,) Nancy Leavitt (Words by Celia Thaxter)

-What Makes A Cocoon or Hurricane Grow?, Judy LaBrasca

-Water Polo Boy
Colton Jackson

-Kite Island, Kimberly Convery

-The End of Conspicuous Consumption, Harmony Neal

-Baby In Crib Out West
-Kiss Me I’m Hungarian
-Carl Ketchum’s Cross
Mark Melnicove

-Untitled, Jonathan Cook

-Untitled, Lisa Purinton


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