Daily Archives: August 14, 2012



My name is Catie Hannigan and I will be the new Publishing Director for Words and Images 2012-2013. I have assembled a outrageously fabulous crew, and we are all stoked to publish a lovely magazine filled with lovely art and prose from lovely people.

There are a few brief announcements to be made, mostly announcing future announcements:

1) Submissions for the 2012-2013 magazine will be open on September 4th 2012, the first day of the Fall semester. In the next few days, we will post a page detailing what we are looking for, however, there are no real guidelines but awesome art and prose.

2) We will announce the contests and deadlines the first week of the fall semester, so please keep an eye out!

3) I can be contacted at : Catherine.Hannigan@maine.edu

However, my email is NOT the address to send your submissions, we will post this information in the next few days.

and I will be posting the contacts of the remaining W&I crew soon!


Best wishes,

Catie Hannigan