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We have our first contest for USM students.

The theme for the contest is “Wholeness/Holeness”. Such as this:


which exhibits (W)holeness.

Or even beyond better:

Frank O’ Hara


Light      clarity       avocado salad in the morning
after all the terrible things I do how amazing it is
to find forgiveness and love, not even forgiveness
since what is done is done and forgiveness isn’t love
and love is love nothing can ever go wrong
though things can get irritating boring and dispensable
(in the imagination) but not really for love
though a block away you feel distant the mere presence
changes everything like a chemical dropped on a paper
and all thoughts disappear in a strange quiet excitement
I am sure of nothing but this, intensified by breathing


Submit up to five poems or a short fiction piece of 5,000 words or less. The submissions will be judged by a panel of peers and the winner will receive 500 dollars and an opportunity to read at the Words and Images Journal 2013 release party.

Again, this contest is for USM students only. There is no submission fee. Contest deadline is December 21st 2012.

Submit by email to:

For poetry:

For prose:

*****Submissions will only be considered for the contest if they include “Wholeness/Holeness” in the Subject line*****

Thank you! and good luck.

2013 Holla!

The 2013 submission guidelines are posted! Send away!