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(W)holeness Award!

Okay, last post of the day.

We have selected our (W)holeness winner for our 2013 issue! This writer will receive 500 smackeroonies, publication, and will read at our journal release party in the spring!

And the winner is……

Peter Swegart!

His poem, “Comprehension” is our 2013 (W)holeness award recipient! Not only does his poem exhibit (W)holeness, it is also a well-crafted poetic gem that sparkles and shines.

We would also like to mention (and this is serious) that we received so many wonderful entries and I encourage everyone to continue to submit to Words and Images and the contests in the future, because it was a difficult decision, and if this was American Idol: Writer’s World, I would send all of you to Hollywood!

Thank you so much for submitting! Please check back soon for the Andre Dubus Award and Betsy Sholl Award winners!


Hiya, I’m back. Post #2

So, 4 out of 5 of us are graduating this May, sad, but not really, and we need people to work for WI next year! Also, our non-graduating homie most likely will be studying abroad, so you know what that means, we need a whole new crew!

Now, that sounds scary right? Well, if it makes you feel better, none of us have worked for Words and Images before, and look at us! Publishing photos of pink frosted donuts, posting wildly inappropriate blog pages, etc. It’s a real good time/learning experience, and while it might be scary to walk into something new with no one holding yr hand, that’s life. Maybe I should be more uplifting?

For real though, Words and Images is a great opportunity to create something that is truly meaningful, exciting, and enlightening. Publishing the 2013 issue has been an incredible experience for all of us, and learning as we go may not be ideal, but it has certainly been fun, and totally worth it. 

So, if you are interested in working with Words and Images in any capacity…we need art, poetry, fiction editors, including the head honcho, the mother ship, the “PUBLISHING DIRECTOR” position (which has some nice perks but I aint tellin’ you because I want the real deal).

So most of you know who we are, and if not, all the better. But, stop us at school and chat us up and we can go into more detail about what we need next year. Or, send me an email: catherine.hannigan@maine.edu

Thank you everyone who submitted this year!!!

Stay Warm (seriously, it’s like 5 degrees out)

Words and Images

Exciting news! AHHH!!

So, us ladies here at Words and Images have been feeling quite giddy and whimsical lately, mostly due to too much coffee, graduation, and well….this lovely journal! Over winter break and into the first week of the semester, we officially (as official as WI can get) selected our 2013 works in poetry, fiction, and art!

Over the next two months, we will be working with our lovely MECA design student, Annie Mora, to get this gentle beast into action. OOOh, possible journal title, “Gentle Beast: a words and images publication”..? 

Anyway, I have two more things I gotta say but I think they deserve their own post! BRB