(W)holeness Award!

Okay, last post of the day.

We have selected our (W)holeness winner for our 2013 issue! This writer will receive 500 smackeroonies, publication, and will read at our journal release party in the spring!

And the winner is……

Peter Swegart!

His poem, “Comprehension” is our 2013 (W)holeness award recipient! Not only does his poem exhibit (W)holeness, it is also a well-crafted poetic gem that sparkles and shines.

We would also like to mention (and this is serious) that we received so many wonderful entries and I encourage everyone to continue to submit to Words and Images and the contests in the future, because it was a difficult decision, and if this was American Idol: Writer’s World, I would send all of you to Hollywood!

Thank you so much for submitting! Please check back soon for the Andre Dubus Award and Betsy Sholl Award winners!

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