What is Words & Images?

Words & Images is the student run publication put out annually by the University of Southern Maine. We aim to represent emerging artists and writers  in the Maine community and beyond through publication. We are a team of students committed to seeking outstanding provocative and original prose, poetry, essays and visual art.

Past contributors to Words and Images include John Brandon, Kevin Brockmeier, Dan Domench, Megan Grumbling, Richard Hoffman, Michael Kimball, Richard Lethem, John Manderino, Wesley McNair, Mark Melnicove, Bruce Pratt, Bill Rasmovicz, Kenneth Rosen, Colin Sargent, Betsy Sholl, Laima Sruoginis, Martin Steingesser, Adrian Blevins and Shelton Waldrep.

Past issues have featured interviews with Jennifer Egan, Dennis Lehane, Jonathan Lethem, The National, Sharon Olds, Adrienne Rich, and Richard Russo.