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…And we’re back!

We hope everyone had a successfully relaxing winter break, filled with delicious baked goods, loved ones, fireplaces, fir trees, and snow (in no particular order.) It seemed like Maine was going to be in for an unusually mild winter, but the snow has really started to pick up now.

We have some exciting announcements to make this upcoming week, including the winners of the Dos Cosas Award and the Betsy Sholl Award.

Our wonderful journal designer and Art Director, MECA senior Adriana Warner is currently working on the layout of the journal and we’re sending letters out everyday, so keep your eyes peeled for more journal content and announcements.

Between the Covers, Part II

Another Sun Rising
Cover artwork by Dietlind Vander Schaaf

Featured Artwork:

Tyson Jagques

-Mountain Time I (Rocks)
-Mountain Time II (Rain Cloud)
Kate Cheney Chappell

-Tethered, Beric Henderson

-Soul Rising
Ruth Sylmor

-Roller Coaster at Old Orchard Beach, Jennifer Doane Hall

-Rebirth of the Spirit, Judy O’Donnell

-To The Discord of Many Hearts
-Died for Want Of Lobster Sauce
Justin Richel

-Reposition, Metamorphosis
-Milkweed, Ascend
Rebecca FitzPatrick

-Aftermath, Lisa Dombek

-Family Tree Apron
-Love Letter Sweater
Crystal Cawley

-High Tide of Beauty (Excerpt,) Nancy Leavitt (Words by Celia Thaxter)

-What Makes A Cocoon or Hurricane Grow?, Judy LaBrasca

-Water Polo Boy
Colton Jackson

-Kite Island, Kimberly Convery

-The End of Conspicuous Consumption, Harmony Neal

-Baby In Crib Out West
-Kiss Me I’m Hungarian
-Carl Ketchum’s Cross
Mark Melnicove

-Untitled, Jonathan Cook

-Untitled, Lisa Purinton