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Words & Images 2012 is almost here….

Celebrate with us at our release party, Thursday April 19th at Mayo Street Arts. The fun starts at 6:30 and ends at 9:30.

O’Brien Poetry Workshop and Reading: Brigit Pegeen Kelly

Poet Brigit Pegeen Kelly will be visiting the University of Southern Maine next Friday, November 4 as part of our O’Brien poetry series.

A Q&A Session is being held on the 7th floor
of the Glickman Library from 2-3 PM

The reading will take place shortly after in the University Events Room, also located on the 7th floor of the Glickman Library at 4PM.

All are welcome  to this event and we encourage you to come hear Kelly read and answer your questions.

Don’t know much about Kelly? Now you do.

The 2012 Contests Are Here!

We just updated our contest pages today, so have a look at them –

The Andre Dubus Award 2012        The Betsy Sholl Award 2012

Lily King has generously donated her time to judging The Andre Dubus Award this year.

The Betsy Sholl Award will be judged by the University of Southern Maine’s Professors Nancy Gish and Shelton Waldrep.

Winners receive publication, the opportunity to read at our Spring release party, and prize money relative to the pages of their entry. Time’s ticking away, so click the links and submit your work!

The 2011 issue of Words & Images is here!


We received 500 copies of the journal from the printers today, and all 500 of them are might fine looking!
Copies of the journal will be available for purchase on April 29th during our release party and from then on, at the USM Bookstore as well as other local bookstore (full list to be released soon.)

Stay tuned for event details…

The Editors are not Robots (Part One): Seth A. Bishop

Seth A. Bishop is Managing Editor for Words and Images 2009. While a student of Political Science at the University of Southern Maine, he has made it a point to pursue interests outside of his major and, through doing so, has manufactured a relatively unique angle of vision influenced by Political Theory, Sociology, Cultural Studies, and Philosophy. The overarching theme of Seth’s studies has been the exploration of the interplay between individuals and social institutions, be they formal institutions such as the state, or informal abstractions of collective identity. He anticipates the completion of his degree in the Spring of 2009, at which point he intends to take a year off before applying to Graduate programs for Political Theory and a few interdisciplinary Social and Political Thought programs.

Seth’s literary interests are predominantly of the so-called ‘low art’ variety. An avid reader of comics and graphic novels, he considers the comic book to be a valuable yet often ignored cultural artifact that deserves greater attention as both an object of admiration and critical analysis. Toward this end, Seth is currently working on a content analysis of Captain America that examines the perpetually evolving nationalist narrative presented within the comic as well as the unique manner comics deliver collective identity narratives to disparate audiences. For similar reasons as his love of comics, he also appreciates film, science fiction in its various forms, and popular music.

Although his writing is exclusively academic, Seth appreciates reading prose and poetry. If he did not, one would assume he would not work for a literary journal.

Details regarding our upcoming reading series

The details of Words and Images’ Reading Series, September 22 – September 26, are now posted on our Upcoming Event(s)! page. I encourage all interested to check it out. To those of you who are looking specifically for more details regarding our event on September 25 at SPACE Gallery, the details have been moved to the post directly below this one.

New Upcoming Event!

As Autumn fast approaches, Words and Images is bringing Portland, Maine yet another earth-shatteringly awesome event called Fast, Powerful, Punk: Obviously a Literary Event.  This evening of readings and music on September 25, 7pm at SPACE Gallery, is so epic that I don’t dare to attempt to summarize it in such a small space.  Read about it yourself on our Upcoming Event(s)! page.