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Winners Circle II !

We’re more than pleased to announce that our judges for the 2012 Betsy Sholl Award, Professor Shelton Waldrep and Professor Nancy Gish have make their selections.

Congratulations to David Sloan, for his poem “Bad Math.”

The winner of the 2012 Andre Dubus Award, judged by Lily King is

Karyn Lie-Nielsen, for her short story “When The Iron Is Hot.”

Congratulations to both our winners for their exemplary work!

Winner’s Circle!

By the time submissions closed for the Dos Cosas Award, we had so many fantastic stories and poetry from our peers that we were overwhelmed. The University of Southern Maine has a vibrant writers community, and the diversity of style, voice and vision was impressive. I want to take a moment to thank all of our entrants, who work diligently at their craft, and will continue to do so beyond their experiences at USM. Don’t roll your eyes, but you’re all winners (I said don’t roll your eyes!) Knowing a handful of our entrants personally and seeing them sweat over the pages in workshops and creative writing courses made judging this contest difficult. I want to encourage everyone to keep submitting, because much of the work I saw was already so well manicured, it deserves recognition.
Cheers to you!
Caroline O’Connor Thomas, Publishing Director 2012

Words & Images is proud to announce the winner of the second annual Dos Cosas award, a $500 prize reserved for a student writer from the University of Southern Maine.

Congratulations to Catie Hannigan -! who has won this year’s award for her poem “Winter.”

Catie is a self-described morning bird, and dream-journal enthusiast. She appreciates hot cheeks and cold air.

We will be announcing the recipients of the Betsy Sholl Poetry Award and the Andre Dubus Award for Short Fiction by the end of the week, so visit us again soon!

Special thanks to Michael Frier, Assistant Director – for helping me judge this contest, and to Professor Waldrep, who was key in helping spread the word about the award. Again, congratulations to Catie for her excellent work!

…And we’re back!

We hope everyone had a successfully relaxing winter break, filled with delicious baked goods, loved ones, fireplaces, fir trees, and snow (in no particular order.) It seemed like Maine was going to be in for an unusually mild winter, but the snow has really started to pick up now.

We have some exciting announcements to make this upcoming week, including the winners of the Dos Cosas Award and the Betsy Sholl Award.

Our wonderful journal designer and Art Director, MECA senior Adriana Warner is currently working on the layout of the journal and we’re sending letters out everyday, so keep your eyes peeled for more journal content and announcements.

Book and Bake Sale

W&I knows everyone loves books and baked goods. And if you’re anything like us, you like to multi-task and read while you eat (which admittedly results in a miniature mess. Don’t judge us for who we are.)

We invite you to our Book and Bake Sale on November 14th from 10 am – 2pm in the lobby of the Luther Bonny building on USM’s Portland campus.
We’ll send you on your way with delicious baked goods and a book or two. We’re selling used books for a suggested donation of $3 a pop, as well as current issues of the journal (for a reduced $15) and back issues for a suggested donation of… whatever you’d like to give us. Come ask us questions about our contests, or just get to know us.


There will be snacks!


The Autumn English Major Social

Sorry folks, this one is for University of Southern Maine English majors only!
It’s time for the English Major Social. Our understanding is that there will be free food and your favorite faculty members. See you there!

Contest Announcement!

Words & Images would like to announce a contest open exclusively to USM students, The Dos Cosas Award.

“Dos Cosas” is Spanish for “two things.” Why two things, you ask? And why in Spanish – considering we’re in Maine and none of our staff speak Spanish?: “Maybe all literature is just two things banging together. Characters banging against settings; dialogue banging against secondary action; similies banging against alliteration; memory banging against the present moment.  …All writing should hold a contradiction. Of course, those aforementioned pairs aren’t really contradictions. But man oh man, a contradiction surely must consist of two things.”
-Benjamin Rybeck, Publishing Director 2009

And Spanish sounds more fun. Though “Deux Choses” has a certain allure as well…

So here it is: Submit up to five poems or a short fiction piece of less than 5,000 words by December 1st. The winner, selected by a panel of peer judges will receive $500 dollars for their outstanding work and an opportunity to read their piece at the Words & Images 2012 journal release party.

There is no contest entry fee, but we must reiterate – this contest is only for USM students. Send your submissions to the appropriate e-mail addresses and make sure to indicate your piece is for the Dos Cosas Award.

wordsandimagespoetry @ gmail.com
wordsandimagesprose @ gmail.com