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Between the Covers, Part III

Featured Poetry:

Three Days Lost in Spring, CN Bean

Hymn to Hope and Jolly Liberation, Gerald  George

Heaven, Stuart Kestenbaum

Herbarium ii, Sergio Ortiz

March and Mad Women, Linda Aldrich

Gris-Gris, WF Lantry

This River, Melissa Crowe

Sandpaper, Douglas Woodsum

Inner Drought: A Parallel Poem, Changming Yuan

The Nots, Gibson Fay-LeBlanc

Factor Five, Martin Steingesser

Cantaloupe, Emily Hollyday

Midnight Call to a Taxi Dispatcher, Alicia Fisher

Words and Images 2009 Table of Contents

The contents of Words and Images 2009:

“Notes from Our Contributors”: A Story by Dan Moreau

“How to Make Fatherhood Lyrical”: A Poem by Gibson Fay-LeBlanc

“Widow of Cyclops”: A Poem by Maureen Ann Connolly

“‘A Hard Man is Good to Find’”: A Story by Glenn Shaheen

“Between Her Lines”: A Poem by Todd Perry

“Dream in Which I’m Told How I Would Choose”: A Poem by Adrian Blevins

“Family Films”: A Poem by James McKenna

“The Third Man”: A Poem by Dennis Saleh

“Seven or Eight Versions of She”: A Story by Willard J. Rusch

“Film Still After David Lean”: A Poem by Alex Merrill

“Soul Train”: A Story by Glenn Shaheen

“The Method”: A Story by Patrick Hanan

“Retrospecter”: A Poem by Layla Carroll

“Pause”: Artwork by Benjamin McDorr

“Day of the Lord”: A Story by Burke Long

“These Two Eleanors”: A Poem by Melissa Crowe

“[Between the lines]”: A Poem by Lindsey Wallace

The Dos Cosas Award

Dos Cosas Award-winner “Inexhaustible Rooms”: A Poem by Allan Peterson

“Puzzles by Pablo”: A Poem by Amanda Nies

“Rule 21”: A Story by B.R. Bonner

“No Place for a Pink Angel”: A Story by Steven J. Dines

“After Fairfield Porter”: A Poem by Linda Buckmaster

“The boy who loved orange”: A Poem by Shelton Waldrep

“A 4X4 (Four Words/ Per Line, 4 Lines/ Per Stanza) Exposition of/ Bern Porter’s Appropriated Photographs”: A Poem About Bern Porter by Mark Melnicove,

with Six of Bern Porter’s Unpublished Photographs

“Ukulele Me”: A Memoir by Zoe Woodbury High

“An Interview with Salvatore Scibona”

“Dream in Which I Find Myself Confronted Yet Again With Why the Marriage Failed”: A Poem by Adrian Blevins

“The Harris Girls”: A Poem by Layla Carroll

“Turkeys”: A Poem by J.R. Solonche

“Exes in the Morning”: A Poem by Jesse Leighton

“True Love and the Giraffe”: A Story by Benjamin Chadwick

“The Way Life Should Be”: A Poem by Mia Cartmill

“Epithalamium with Adultery”: A Poem by Melissa Crowe

“&”: A Poem by Wade Linebaugh

“The Leaves Between”: Artwork by Ben Bishop

“Bloody Show”: A Novel Excerpt by Elizabeth Searle

“Notes on Thirty Years in the Life of a Ventriloquist”: A Poem by Gibson Fay-LeBlanc

“American Children”: A Story by Glenn Shaheen

“Girl Giant”: A Poem by Melissa Crowe