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Buying W&I 2011, A Guide, Part I

Did you know you can find the latest edition of Words and Images in bookstores far and wide?

In Albany, NY, Words and Images may be purchased at the locally-run independent bookstore The Book House. You may also find the journal in The Book House’s sister store in Troy, NY – Market Block Books.

Here in Maine, you may purchase your very own, shiny and new copy of Words and Images at USM’s Bookstore, as well as one of our favorite shops in downtown Portland, Longfellow Books.

So maybe it’s less far and wide, and more centered around New England – but if you’d like to see Words and Images in a bookstore closer to you, send us a message and we’ll do our best to get it out there.

The Editors are not Robots (Part Six): Aubin Thomas

aubins-bio-pic-small Aubin Thomas is the Art Director of Words and Images and is currently in her third year at the University of Southern Maine.  Although she is majoring in English, her main passion is the creation of art using mixed media such as music, video, paint, collage, etc.  A connoisseur of popular culture, she also enjoys doing amateur research on the icons and somewhat forgotten figures of decades past.  This hobby often leads her on strange journeys to find such people’s gravesites, former residences, and other interesting pop culture and historical locations.  When she isn’t searching for new dark cabaret music and recreating famous photographs with her digital camera, she enjoys collecting pins with interesting subject matter to them and hanging out with her incorrigible two-year-old nephew, Max.


Words and Images will give this award to the poem or piece of fiction that best explores the following topic: the ways in which seemingly disparate arts (literary and visual) can affect and inform one another, thus erasing the boundaries between them. This is vague, pseudo-intellectual babble for the following: we’re looking for poems and fiction that take their influence from, say, film, or painting, or popular music, or [insert your own]. Since this award can go either to fiction or poetry, the contest will be judged by the entire Words and Images staff, in addition to a panel of four creative writing professors at the university, consisting of two poets and two fiction writers.

Here’s the point: the entry fee is $15, and the prize is $1000, in addition to publication in the 2009 issue of Words and Images. Unless you request otherwise when submitting your work, all entries will be considered for publication in the 2009 issue, regardless of whether they win the contest. Each entry may include one short story or two poems of any length. The deadline for entry is February 1, 2009.

Unlike regular, non-contest submissions to Words and Images, privilege is not given to writers and literature with a connection to Maine for Dos Cosas Award entries; the Dos Cosas Award seeks entries nationally. Though we only accept regular submissions electronically, we ask for hard copy entries for the contest. Any hard copies not accompanied by the $15 entry fee cannot be considered. They can be mailed to Words and Images, University of Southern Maine, PO Box 9300, Portland, Maine, 04104.

What is Words and Images?

Words and Images is a literary journal published by the University of Southern Maine. What is now called Words and Images was once called Presumpscot Review. And The Review. And The Portland Review. The earliest copy we can find in the back room of the office is dated 1976. Thus, the journal is old enough to rent a car.

We’re interested in fiction that pushes the boundaries of convention and form, without: a) becoming incoherent; b) becoming lifeless, hollow, empty; c) sacrificing emotion for effect. We’re looking for popular experimentation. We want work for large groups of people to read and feel intelligent for doing so, therefore becoming a better large group of people in the process.

Words and Images’ staff for 2009 is Seth Bishop, Chad Chamberlain, Benjamin Rybeck, Aubin Thomas, and Caroline O’Connor Thomas.

Past contributors to Words and Images include John Brandon, Kevin Brockmeier, Dan Domench, Megan Grumbling, Richard Hoffman, Michael Kimball, Richard Lethem, John Manderino, Wesley McNair, Mark Melnicove, Bruce Pratt, Bill Rasmovicz, Kenneth Rosen, Colin Sargent, Betsy Sholl, Laima Sruoginis, Martin Steingesser, and Shelton Waldrep.

Past issues have featured interviews with Jennifer Egan, Dennis Lehane, Jonathan Lethem, The National, Sharon Olds, Adrienne Rich, and Richard Russo.